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Kube technology

Arkube is the new touchscreen wall based on the 2018 Arktouch technology (awarded at CES 2018). Featuring a new optical sensing design, Arkube M2 is dedicated to offer fun and interactive fitness sessions at home, for all the family at all ages. Arkube M2’s technological progress makes it more affordable, lighter and easier to install at home, take less room and include a wider range of interactive applications.

Lighter than before and easy to install for everyone, Arkube M2 becomes a practical and convenient tool for those who search biotech benefits at home. First, its aluminium and Dibond structure makes it extremely robust and four times lighter than the previous version. It is therefore easy to put together, wherever you wish in your home. Then, its ergonomic smartphone-like interface enables children and elders alike to use it. Eventually, Arkube M2 offers a long lifecycle. Its security polycarbonate is easy to wash and to maintain.

Whether you live in a big or a small house, you can now practise sports at home thanks to Arkube. Its new infrared optical process enabled to gain 30cm in depth (50cm compared to previous version at 80cm). Any room of your choice will do: Arkube’s new brightness-adaptive optical sensing algorithm works in bright environments as well as dark ones.

The first room-scale mixed reality device just got better !

This new infrared ring technology allows to interact even without touching the screen: Arkube combines the “Kinect” interaction for large, accurate fitness movements and the regular touchscreen interaction for the more intense, punchy moves.

At the end of the day, you get VR without the drawbacks: no headache, no heavy device to carry during fitness, the opportunity to dive into a virtual world without being cut off your friends and family.

Lexip technology

Lexip Pu94 is the new gaming mouse including two inner joysticks, crafted from Lexip’s award-winning six-dimensional mouse technology. Its unique design offers players a 40+% speed boost in complex gameplay actions such as fast building (Fortnite).

Lexip Pu94 redesigns tomorrow’s advanced gaming mouse, both on the technology and the aesthetics end. That’s why the Lexip team worked with Logitech’s former designer Pierre Duthoit so as to craft Pu94 as a valuable item, for beginners, advanced and even pro gamers.

The software supporting the user interface was fully redesigned. The ergonomics were completely reshaped to fit both novice and expert users. A new macro programming system now enables users to extend their gaming experience and customize it to their personal use. The mouse offers a better feel in hand. The side grips are equipped with a new soft rubber design. The main shell was also re-designed to fit the average hand size.

Pu94 can now adapt to every device. Thanks to its detachable cable, users can choose the cable length & color, and replace it whenever they feel like it.

The animated RGB backlighting allows the user to make Pu94 match their preferred aesthetical environment.

The gaming world now revolves around performance across a large number of titles, some being highly technical (Star Citizen) and the others demanding a high level of speed and accuracy to the player (League of Legends, Fortnite). While some gaming mice adapted well to the technical game titles, for instance helping the player perform flight simulation more efficiently, they lack the speed and accuracy needed for wider titles such as League of Legends. That’s why Lexip leveraged their six-axes mouse technology to craft a new mouse - Pu94 - to match the highest speed and accuracy needed for even pro gaming moves. This advance in fitting more complex technology to the highest gaming competition world will open new perspectives in the gaming hardware industry. Lexip Pu94 will play a role in this history for the following reasons:

  • Pu94 is the world’s first six-axes technology for PC mice, recrafted for pro gamers.
  • The low force required to use the tilt makes it easier to use even for long gameplay sessions.
  • The concave thumb joystick offers a handy grip and faster speed (40+% compared to Lexip’s previous model and competitor state-of-the-art models).
  • We reworked the software to enable full keyboard binding on the mouse and therefore restraining the use of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Integrating the new PIC18F microcontroller makes Lexip Pu94 gaming mouse compatible with more than 90% of PC games. Over 32KB memory remain available for macro storage.
  • Its efficient design keeps a high value while maintaining a public cost under $150 (twice less than competing 3D gaming mice from other brands).

Pu94 is the first affordable universal 3D gaming mouse ever created.

Digital fusbal technology

Laser Foosball is the first foosball table featuring a mixed-reality ground, still working with real balls. Its unique infrared sensing technology displays interactive scenes while the game runs, for more accessible and educative gameplays.

Foosball has been a must-play game for generations. Grandparents played with their children, who played themselves with their own kids. This game requires skill and dexterity, but remains accessible to both children and elders.

Laser Foosball is a smart way to improve one’s skills thanks to its various applications, without dealing with repetitive training exercises. Elders like it because it remains the traditional game they used to play, and children enjoy the modern gaming aspects of it, allowed by the interactive ground.

  • The ground is a screen that is able to interact with the ball, in the fashion of a touchscreen. This allows players to keep the traditional foosball ball-control gameplay, while adding up a huge potential of various digital applications.
  • For interaction to reach a high level of precision, we used a unique 850nm infrared sensing technology. it allows to track the ball without interference from the foosball figurines.
  • The unique manufacturing method used for Laser Foosball allows to include a fully functional embedded processing unit inside a very small inner space. This processing unit retrieves the ball tracking data as touchscreen input. This same processing unit then emits full HD, 60fps animated pictures through a video projector contained in the same small space.

Laser Foosball allows to play a huge variety of applications dedicated to making the foosball gameplay more varied and to train beginners on their foosball moves.

For instance, additional games are implemented through traps that trigger when the ball rolls on them, players can add some rules change, etc. In the same fashion as a coach would train a real soccer team before the game, foosball education applications are implemented through small exercises with a feedback on player accuracy, speed and improvement over time. In order to enable every player to enjoy the game, we implemented some skill balance features: the difficulty of each game can be adapted to the skill of each player so that the game stays fun for everyone.

Ultimately, Laser Foosball offers the opportunity to play both fully traditional foosball games and fully digitally transformed games. Playing traditional foosball remains possible with Laser Foosball. Except for the infrared sensing and the video projection, everything in Laser Foosball is made from traditional foosball table pieces: same wood, handgrips, same ITSF balls, even the screen ground includes a surface treatment that imitates the touch of a traditional foosball table ground. Eventually, don’t be afraid to kick the ball hard.  Laser Foosball features an exceptionally robust ground screen that allows for the most intense ball-control moves, even from experienced players. And for a great game on the digital end, both video and sound are pushed to the maximum experience: Laser Foosball includes two home-cinema speakers !

Laser Foosball reinvents the design of traditional foosball tables, making a valuable object to install in every home. This new design, especially targeted for cross-generation foosball practice to be performed by children and elders, makes Laser Foosball a beautiful and customizable home object, while maintaining the best security conditions and an affordable support.

For those who seek a beautiful object to display at home, in addition to the gaming aspect of it, Laser Foosball is a smart choice. The wood and steel finish, grants the object a lot of character, and when unpowered, it looks exactly like a traditional foosball table. It can switch from a vintage look to a digital style in the blink of an eye, as users wish.

Laser Foosball can be used by both children and elders, in perfect security conditions.

  • The finish is smooth, so that users cannot hurt themselves on sharp angles or rough material. Once in function, all cables and technical parts are hidden within the table. For instance, no dangling cable can be reached from the outside, making this object secure for the whole family at home.
  • >The interface was built in a simple fashion, to make it accessible to everyone. One just needs to push a simple button to switch games, granting full autonomy to even novice users.

This new generation foosball table is entirely customizable, both on hardware and software. Users can choose from various ornaments in order to create a tailor-made finish and adapt to their home style. And of course, the out-and-out fans of foosball will find the traditional foosball table customization options: hand grips, change machine, feet. For more expert users, various programs can easily be installed on Laser Foosball. They can even develop their own games !

Digital pincab technology

Much less support is needed for this digital version than for traditional mechanical pincabs (ball blocked, rail distorted).

R-Cade pinball

This makes owning an R-Cade pinball a lot more affordable than a traditional one.  Though, we keep the mechanical pieces that improve the player’s sensations (buttons switches, change machine). One can actually play “for real” just like in old bars with a crowd applauding around the player, because R-Cade Pinball features an exceptionally robust structure that allows for the most intense gameplay. On the digital end, a full home-cinema speaker is included in the device, which improves the  experience.

R-Cade pinball reinvents the design of traditional pincabs, making a valuable object to install in every home. This new design, especially targeted for cross-generation pinball practice to be performed by children and elders, makes R-Cade pinball a beautiful and customizable home object, while maintaining the best security conditions and an affordable support.

It offers the best security conditions for both children and elders. After installation, power cables are unreachable and nothing pointy or sharp remains. So there is no hurting oneself, the finish is smooth. A very simple interface grants full autonomy to even beginners our young ones. Users only need to push a button to switch from one game to another.

The support we offer intends to make users life easy. For instance, the vibration sensor, which we consider as a key component, is doubled and backed up to extend its lifespan. The system tracks it, and provides an alert when it needs replacing.These critical components were designed so that they can be changed easily. Those who knew the “pinball madness” at the bar are now craving for a pinball machine at home. But traditional pinballs offer only one scenario, and purchasing two is out of budget for many homes. Without talking of where to put the pinball collection at home once you have purchased a few…  Until now, the only other option available on the market was fully digital pinballs. R-Cade Pinball  is about to bring a revolution into the pinball world  thanks to the following unique breakthroughs:

R-Cade Pinball is the first ever mixed-reality pincab. Pinball existed previously in fully digital counterparts and even in VR, but the lack of faithful physical interactions with the player limited the gameplay quality. True players were not satisfied with this kind of gameplay. The unique mixed reality features such as tilt detection and ball trajectory modification through actual punches into the pincab’s case make R-Cade Pinball the best alternative available. Just like VR, R-Cade Pinball allows to dive into a virtual world, but without being cut off your friends and family, and without a headache at the end of the day.  For the first time, consumers can have a traditional gameplay engine and a game console in the same place.