Pixminds Holding

What we stand for

At Pixminds, we stand for innovation as we believe it is the seed of progress. The projects we develop are tightly linked to augmented reality and gaming.

Because we come from gaming, we are convinced that comfort of use is essential for those who use daily digital tools such as computer peripherals, or gaming accessories.

We work hard on improving the interface between the man and the machine. Through this point of view, innovation takes place both in the product (hardware and / or software) and in users’ behaviour. Once one gets there, they need to step back from the hardware and understand what people truly need to make their day-to-day life a little more comfortable.


The history starts in 1994, with a digital material shop in the French Alps, founded by Lionel Chataignier. He quickly understood how important customer service is, and he developed his business around this axis. He customized computers according to his clients’ needs, and offered computer science lessons for those who needed help to use their devices. Based on this strength, the local shop quickly grew into several stores.

In 2012, a holding was created, in order to host all the brands and activities as well as a company dedicated to innovation. Thanks to this new company, we were able to create highly innovative products, such as the Lexip gaming mouse, the interactive Kube, or a digital pincab.

Throughout the years, Pixminds has developed several brands of its own.

  • R-Cade is the fusion of retro-gaming spirit and new generation technologies in gaming. Our French-made Arcade machines enhance the History of gaming.
  • Steelplay creates smart gaming accessories for console and PC gamers.
  • Lexip is about to become one of the most innovative brands on the PC gaming market.

The founder

Lionel Chataignier

Lionel Chataignier started his professional life by opening a computer store at the age of 26. This tailor-made job was a stepping stone. There, he learnt what a seller, a manager and a businessman need to know. He grew along the business.

What makes Lionel Chataignier so special is the combination of a businessman, a gamer and an engineer. He juggles with finance and strategy, while keeping the practical mind of an engineer and the passion of a gamer.

This surprising mix is certainly the foundation of Pixminds’ spirit.